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  • Loral Langemeier: The Millionaire Maker
  • Mike Koenigs: Money Phone
  • Doug Grady: The Ripple Effect
  • Melisa Hall: Declare Your Dreams
  • Joshua Evans: Enthusiastic You!
  • Jessica Leigh: The Modern Classic Woman
  • Warner Roberts: Life is an Adventure
  • Cory E. Jenkins: I Love Myself So...
  • Melanie Johnson: How to Write Your Story of Accomplishment & Success
  • Jenn Foster: Books to Buck$

Besides owning an Incredible Elite Planner, found on Amazon, Enter your name and email to receive 10 FREE ebooks and 10 FREE Mini-courses from NY Times Bestselling Authors and Experts; Loral Langemeier (“Millionaire Maker”) and #1 Amazon Bestselling Authors; Mike Koenigs (“Money Phone”), Joshua Evans (“Enthusiastic You”), Melisa Hall (“Declare Your Dreams”), Doug Grady (“The Ripple Effect”), Warner Roberts (“Life is an Adventure”), Jessica Leigh (“The Modern Classic Woman”), Cory Jenkins (“I Love Myself So...”), Melanie Johnson & Jenn Foster (“How to Write Your Story of Accomplishment and Personal Success”), and Jenn Foster & Everett O'Keefe ("Books to Bucks"). 

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